A the end of the month $2 of every purchase will be donated to support the work of environmental non-profits organization in Puerto Rico and in the United States to help our Planet.

Para la Naturaleza is a non-profit organization that integrates society in the conservation of it's natural ecosystems. It's mission is to preserve 33% of the land in Puerto Rico to offset the carbon emissions generated by electricity by 2023. This organization has a team of volunteers dedicated to reforesting the island and maintaining 5 nurseries with 127 different plant species, which allows them to plant 100,000 trees around the island. 

- American Forests is a  non-profit conservation organization, established in 1875, dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy and resilient forest ecosystems. They're driven by the power of forests, that are key to provide habitat for wildlife, a clean, abundant supply of water for people and addressing two of the most pressing issues of the day: slowing climate change and advancing social equity.

With your purchase we're helping Para la Naturaleza and American Forests to reforest and with that to control temperatures, prevent erosion and flooding, provide wildlife habitat, improve air quality, promote the production of clean water, and ensure housing and food for future generations. 

So one more time, thank you for supporting us!

Sustainable products for you and the planet!

We invest in high-quality products made with sustainable materials such as 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton or polyester, ceramic, stainless steel, and glass.

Plus, part of our profits goes to non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico and/or the United States.