About Us

Ginger Rican Style is an online store of sustainable clothing and accessories printed at the moment, founded in 2022 in Beaverton, Oregon, by a jibarita from Bayamón, Puerto Rico.  Our variety of exclusive products are made from organic or recycled materials to help the environment and raise awareness about the social responsibility we all have with the planet.

 Ginger Rican's name is derived from the word "ginger”, or jengibre in Spanish,       and from the demonym “Puerto Rican” or puertorriqueño.  

Our mission is to empower people with sustainable products that highlight everyone's uniqueness while helping to conserve the environment.

Our vision is to be a leading online company in the industry, through innovation and the satisfaction and protection of our customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and, of course, the environment.

Our values are based on:






*WELCOME and we empower you to share what makes you unique and prideful in this this space, which we use to inspire and express ourselves freely, with love and respect to break ethnic-racial barriers.*


Sustainable products for you and the planet!

We invest in high-quality products made with sustainable materials such as 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton or polyester, ceramic, stainless steel, and glass.

Plus, part of our profits goes to non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico and/or the United States.