Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?

In Puerto Rico and other Latin American and European countries, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14.  The day of love and friendship has religious origins, which honor the memory of Saint Valentine of Rome.

Valentine of Rome was a priest executed by default on February 14, 270 for celebrating clandestine marriages of young lovers.  In the third century, the emperor of Rome, Claudius II, had prohibited the marriage of young soldiers to maximize their work on the battlefield.  Valentine was against this law, so he began to unite young couples in holy matrimony secretly from the emperor. This cost him jail and shortly after his life.  This is where the patron saint of lovers, Saint Valentine, is born.

By 494, Pope Gelasius I designated February 14 as the official Valentine's Day, a holiday celebrated by the Catholic Church for more than 15 centuries.  Around 1840, this day began to be marketed with the sale of cards with romantic messages.  It's currently one of the days with the highest sales for many businesses, especially the flowers one.

What to give on Valentine's Day?

On the day of love and friendship, cards, flowers and chocolates are traditionally given away.  Although there are those who give away balloons, stuffed animals, clothes and jewelry. 
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