Puerto Rican Redheads Uniqueness

Puerto Rican Redheads Uniqueness

Redheads, feared by some and admired by others throughout history, have also an unique presence in the Puerto Rican culture. Over the years and the migrations of their ancestors, a genetic mutation gave rise to redheads, which are barely 2% of the world's population.

Although we know that countries like Ireland, Scotland, and Russia maintain a high concentration of redheads, we still don't know the exact percentage of redheads in other parts of the world, like Puerto Rico. 2% of the American population is redheaded, so we hope P.R. is within that percentage.

The cause of red hair, as well as sensitivity to pain and temperature changes, is due to a mutation in the MC1R gene, which is also related to pain receptors. This is why redheads need higher doses of anesthesia or medication when having medical or dental procedures. There are up to eight genes related to the MC1R modification, which is why we can see people who, being black-haired, can find one or the other reddish hair. Carriers of this recessive gene tend to have fair skin and freckles and are more likely to be left-handed, although not all are like this, especially in countries of the Caribbean, Latin America or Africa.

Redheads gray more slowly than other hair colors as the color fades. The tones mutate first to orange and pink before reaching white, but it does not turn gray.

Also, did you know that redheads have less hair than most people? Yes! Redheads tend to have an average of 90,000 strands of hair, while blondes, for example, typically have 140,000 strands of hair. But, it should be noted that red hair is usually thicker, so it looks just as full as other hair colors.

Another uniqueness of redheads is that they are capable of producing vitamin D in low light conditions. This is because the ancestors who settled in Northern Europe did not receive much light, so their bodies adapted and are now capable of producing it on their own.

It is believed that redheads are at greater risk of certain diseases, including Parkinson's or Melanoma. So get on with these diseases, my Ginger Rican. Finally, various studies have shown that red-haired men are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer than their brown-haired and blonde-haired counterparts.

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