Our Products Certifications

Our Products Certifications

The content of the materials of our products is verified through certificates from our suppliers.  Certifications such as GOTS and/or OCS are used as proof of the organic composition of a product. While to prove the recycled composition of a product, certifications such as GRS and/or RCS are used. 
We know that it's a bit confusing to interpret the initials of the product certifications, so we have made a brief description of each one of them.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world's leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, supported by independent third-party certification of the entire textile supply chain. This standard also establishes limitations on other fibers that can be mixed with organic fibers.  Our supplier prints are made using Kornit DTG printers with GOTS certified inks.
The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a certification for non-food products that confirms the presence of organic matter in the final product. It also follows the supply chain from its origin to the final product.

The Recycling Claim Standard (RCS) and the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) are voluntary international standards that set requirements for third-party certification of recycled content and the supply chain. The shared goal of the standards is to increase the use of recycled materials. The GRS includes additional criteria for social and environmental processing requirements and chemical restrictions.

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification is one of the world's leading labels for textile safety and proves that certified products do not contain hazardous chemicals. Our suppliers also use OEKO-TEX® certified inks and threads for embroidery designs.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) certified allows clothing and accessory companies to identify their products that do not harm animals. Companies using the logo must sign PETA's guarantee statement verifying that their product is vegan.

Fair Wear is not a certification, it is rather a non-profit organization that requires its member brands to work hand in hand with suppliers to ensure fair working conditions in garment factories and to solve problems when they arise.

All of this organizations and standards are meant to help and protect people, animals and the environment.  Now that you know a little bit more, we urge you to make wise and responsible purchasing decisions!
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